Mix and match dining chairs

Mix and match dining chairs

How to choose accent dining chairs

I never realised just how tricky people find choosing mix and match dining chairs. I always thought it was quite a straight forward task! It was only when my sister asked me to help her choose new dining furniture for their traditional 1930s semi that I was inspired to write about it! I guess perhaps because I spend a lot of time browsing through furniture shops and studying interior design (not to mention Pinning and Instagramming!) that my head is always full of ideas! So this post is dedicated to helping you choose mix and match dining chairs – why just go for one design right?

There are so many fabulous dining chairs available to buy online and Funique.co.uk have a lovely range of different colours and styles. The idea of mixing and matching dining chairs is not a new one – so let me start at the beginning…

To arm or not to arm?
Traditionally, dining chairs with arms were used at the head and foot of a dining table. But by using chairs with a modern design and fabric you can get a really chic look for your dining space. I also like this concept if your dining table is larger than your family. So if you’re a family of four, but your table seats six – you can use the dining chairs with arms as accent chairs elsewhere in the room (or house) and bring them to the head and foot of the table when you have guests. These sleek solid oak dining chairs will bring some minimalist style to the table.

Mix and match dining chairs

Large contemporary solid oak dining chair – oiled oak finish

Embrace colour
Having colourful mix and match dining chairs is a great way to add colour to your dining room. But to keep the scheme looking chic opt for the same style of chair – or at the very least the same chair legs otherwise you’ll be on the slippery slope to the humble-sale look. You can go for one chair in a different colour, and it looks great to keep the colours similar. Don’t mix pastel shades with jewel colours – I’ve selected some beautiful dusty shades below to give you an idea…

Mix and match dining chairs

Agnes buttoned accent chair

Mix materials
Similar rules follow when mixing materials in your mix and match dining chair look. Opt for the same style of chair with different upholstery to keep some symmetry around the dining table. I love the idea of mixing leather with wood for a simple look with clean lines – you can either have a leather chair as an accent at the head or foot at the table, or you can alternate – it’s really up to you!

Mix and match dining chairs

Magnetic modern leather dining chair

Colour block
The fourth and final tip on how to choose mix and match dining chairs is to colour block. Pick one colour and choose different styles of chairs all in the same shade. This is the hardest mix and match dining chair look to pull of as you must have the same colour in each chair. A big tip is to buy all your chairs from the same manufacturer or get them upholstered yourself. If the chairs aren’t all the same colour then they’ll end up looking a bit half-hearted and no one wants that…

Mix and match dining chairs

Colour block mix and match dining chairs

So there’s my guide to mix and match dining chairs – which is your favourite style?

Natalia xo

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Funique.co.uk and I chose all of the items featured. I carefully select sponsored partners and will only include products on this blog that I would happily have in my own home.