Home hacks for house proud parents plus Tommee Tippee giveaway!

Seeing as today is my due-date for my second child, I thought it was perfect timing to share some top home hacks for house proud parents! These top tips are from interiors expert and mum Sommer Pyne of House Curious. Originally from the sunny climes of Sydney, Australia, Sommer Payne has been based in London

Stylish ruggers… how to choose stylish rugs for your home

The time is almost upon us and there’s just no avoiding it… no I’m not talking about the Rugby World Cup! Winter is coming… it’s time to get those stylish rugs out! If you have hard floors in your home such as stone, wood or tile, placing rugs strategically can transform your home from cool

Step into the light – lighting ideas for all budgets

I’ve talked a lot about lighting in previous blog posts, but have been wanting to do one on lighting ideas for all budgets for quite a while! Lighting is at the top of my list when transforming the look and feel of a space – but it’s often one of the elements that is so

Quick living room update with Habitat

I’ve been on a bit of a mission recently for a quick living room update. In February I wrote a blog post about painting a fireplace, but since then I’ve been looking to add some finishing touches. But as a working single Mum, my time and budget is always quite low so I’ve been looking

Contemporary home accessories under £20

There are so many colourful and contemporary home accessories around at the moment that I just had to feature some of my favourite in a blog post! These little treasures are all under £20 and guaranteed to brighten up your home. Whether you’re just looking to add some colour or add some contemporary home accessories

Student style: Cheap cheerful uni decor ideas

I wanted to write about Student style: Cheap cheerful uni decor ideas as I know how difficult it can be to pull together a stylish dorm room on a budget! It was over ten years ago now that I turned up on my first day at uni (University of Kent), and I still remember how