Wet room designs – top tips

Wet room designs – top tips

The great thing about wet room designs is that you’re not necessarily constrained by the size of your bathroom space. When looking through images to include on this blog post – I actually preferred some of the small wet room designs over the larger ones. Taking away the shower tray and glass screen or shower curtain gives you a lot more space to play around with. It also allows you to fit more in whilst keeping the feeling of space.

Delancey Street Loft

Photo by Melissa Winn Interiors

Eaton Place

Photo by The Olive Design Studio

Clever wet room designs come with other benefits too – providing a sleek and modern finish to your bathroom. They’re easier to keep clean and ideal for accessibility for those with mobility difficulties. Having a non-slip shower room floor which is all at one level is ideal for families with young children too and I’d recommend installing a fast drain option to stop water from puddling up.

When choosing a wet room supplier, make sure that they tank the space properly. Leakage can be a costly issue to fix and so it’s important to get in people that know what they’re doing! Wet room cost isn’t necessarily as much as you’d think I’d also recommend looking into underfloor heating for your wet room too. It’ll stop the space from feeling cold and cavernous – especially in winter.

Wetroom design

Interior Design: Entertainment Barn

Photo by Yiangou Architects

When it comes to choosing materials for your wet room design, natural stone and wood are ideal options. Natural stone such as slate has a natural texture which stops it from getting slippery. Natural wood can work well too as long as it’s treated properly – both elements together can give a fantastic finish! Mosaic tiles are another good option as the closely threated grouting acts as a natural slip-resistor. Try to avoid tiles with a high-gloss finish as those will just send you flying!


Photo by Avenue B Development

Grade II listed, Hertfordshire Home, Part 2

Photo by Cherie Lee Interiors

When choosing between wet room designs as the overall look is simplified compared to a traditional bathroom or shower room, you can afford to be a little more creative. If you opt for a single colour-scheme such as grey or white, try mixing up tiles to add interest and texture. White mosaic tiles contrast beautifully against white metro tiles and the rough slate wall above looks amazing against the rest of the space. Tiling the entire space gives a cleaner finish and leads your eye across the room making it seem larger.

I hope this post has helped you with some wet room designs of your own!

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