Armchairs under £200

I’ve put together a moodboard of armchairs under £200 as I’ve been looking to replace the IKEA armchair above. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this armchair, apart from the cover fitting badly now where it’s been washed so much! Tub chairs like this aren’t particularly stylish or comfortable either and so I’m on the hunt for new affordable armchairs under £200. When putting this blog post together, I realised that there really aren’t many stylish and cheap armchairs. But there are two out of this line-up which I think are really great value for money.

armchairs under £2001. *no longer available* | 2. Small Westoe Wing-back armchair black brick fabric £165 | 3. *no longer available*


Armchair under £200
Mink Collette button-back armchair £159.99

armchairs under £200
1. Cream Antoinette chair £95.99 | 2. Gold velvet occasional chair £89.99 | 3. *no longer available*


Armchair under £200
Pitch armchair black ash £179

armchairs under £200


  1. Arthus armchair from £199 | 2. Cult Design moda armchair £89 | 3. Tubby armchair from £199

One of the reasons why I haven’t featured my new living room much on the blog or Instagram is because I still haven’t quite got it looking how I’d like it to. Combining two houses into one can really cause havoc with your interior style – even if your taste is quite similar to your partner’s! Our home is a small Victorian cottage where the front door opens up straight into the living room and so we have to be quite selective over what pieces of furniture we choose for it. We even debated over getting a Christmas tree this year as it took up half the living room! But when you have children, you can’t not have a Christmas tree – and it was so worth craning our necks to see the TV!

Because of the size of my home, I need to be really careful about what I choose to go into it so that it looks great, is functional and not cluttered. But that’s so difficult when there are so many beautiful pieces out there!

Which of these armchairs under £200 is your favourite?

Natalia xo

* Prices are correct at the time of writing but please check individual links for changes or further discounts