5 ways to rock a green and pink interior colour scheme

A green and pink interior is one of my favourite colour combinations. Especially an emerald or dark green paired with pale pink or blush. Green and pink are complementary as they sit opposite each other on the traditional colour wheel. They enhance each other and are far less contrasting and harsh than green and red. White and/or

Armchairs under £200

I’ve put together a moodboard of armchairs under £200 as I’ve been looking to replace the IKEA armchair above. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this armchair, apart from the cover fitting badly now where it’s been washed so much! Tub chairs like this aren’t particularly stylish or comfortable either and so I’m on the hunt

Step into the light – lighting ideas for all budgets

I’ve talked a lot about lighting in previous blog posts, but have been wanting to do one on lighting ideas for all budgets for quite a while! Lighting is at the top of my list when transforming the look and feel of a space – but it’s often one of the elements that is so

Get your kid’s room Made

We all know that kids have the best imaginations, so why not let them choose their own kid’s room interiors? It can be so difficult to put yourself in the mind of a little one to come up with a theme for their bedroom. Letting them choose the paint colour, bedding, furniture etc. is a

Yellow and grey child’s bedroom

I’ve been pinning pics recently for a yellow and grey child’s bedroom – this is a project close to my heart as it’s for my own son. He’s been asking for a ‘lello bedroom’ for a while now, but since he turned 3 (going on 13) he’s insisting on a big-boy bed also! Because his

Get Leathered

This blog post started off as a feature on Andrew Martin furniture – described as the barometer of style for our era. I loved that their pieces are designed to stimulate your imagination by transporting you to another culture, time or place. The aim of creating a feeling of escapism from ordinary life through your home really