5 ways to rock a green and pink interior colour scheme

5 ways to rock a green and pink interior colour scheme

A green and pink interior is one of my favourite colour combinations. Especially an emerald or dark green paired with pale pink or blush. Green and pink are complementary as they sit opposite each other on the traditional colour wheel. They enhance each other and are far less contrasting and harsh than green and red. White and/or black can be used alongside pink and green to create a fresher or more bold overall look.

Blending jewel and pastel tones is an easy way to get a touch of relaxed glamour vibe in your home. Dark green is becoming a more popular interior colour scheme choice and a complementary pale pink is a great way to lift this palette and add some soft contrast. This post explores five ways that you can rock a dark green and pale pink interior colour scheme…

Choose either green or pink as your dominant colour

A complementary colour scheme such as green and pink work best when one colour is more dominant than the other. It gives a much more modern and sophisticated look. These spaces are just oozing glamour – love it!

green and pink interior

Dark green and pale pink interior via Tempo da Delicadeza

green and pink interior

House in Guinardó via Guillermo Santoma

green and pink interior

Hatfield grass sofa from Sweetpea & Willow

Use neutral colours to add balance

For a fresher interior vibe, add plenty of neutral tones such as white and black. Warm metallic such as gold and brass work beautifully with a green and pink colour scheme too.

green and pink interior

Bespoke home office – Amie Corley Interiors

Don’t be afraid to mix up different shades of green

Using pale pink is an ideal way to break up a monochromatic green kitchen such as this dreamy space from deVOL Kitchens. Having kitchen cupboards on the same colour spectrum as the wall tiles is a clever way to colour block a kitchen and add some really interesting depth.

green and pink interior

Green and pink kitchen by deVOL Kitchens

Go bold with your wallpaper

If you’re going to go for a green and pink interior wallpaper then seriously GO FOR IT. Don’t hold back if you’re considering a bold horticultural print wallpaper! If you’re still a little nervous, there are some removable wallcoverings such as the one below from Pixers which can be removed easily if you change your mind!

green and pink interior

Monstera leaf print wallpaper by Woodchip and Magnolia

green and pink interior

Intérieur Jungle by Nedgis

green and pink interior

Pixers wallpaper

Use plants and accessories as accents

How you accessorise your green and pink interior is just as important. Add texture and pattern through plants and accessories for that interior styled finish. We love the Mia Fleur blush textile wall hanging in the featured image and decorative plates below:

green and pink interior

Pink palm leaf plate MiaFleur

green and pink interior

Cultiver Linen via EST Living

Pink and green interior ideas

1. Green glass and brass vase from Amara | 2. Celeste lustre pink pendant light from Amara | 3. Faux plant by Abigail Ahern from Amara | 4. Palmier velvet cushion from Amara | 5. Emerald and pink cushion from TKMaxx | 6. Pink glass vase from Oliver Bonas | 7. Set of 4 emerald shagreen coasters from Amara | 8. Salmon pink Gracie sofa from Made.com | 9. Pink and green print cushion from Made.com

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