How to Bring a Touch of Class to Your Small Bathroom

How to Bring a Touch of Class to Your Small Bathroom

If you’re unhappy with how your  small bathroom currently looks – there are a number of affordable things you can do to bring an element of class to it. Even if your bathroom is of a small size, there’s always room for improvement. From changing your bathtub, to giving your cabinets a lick of paint, there is something for everybody’s budget. Read on and discover why you should revamp your bathroom and give it those classy finishes that will make it instagram-worthy!

Change your bathtub

The bathtub is definitely the main vocal point of any bathroom, but they can often look plain and simple. By changing your bathtub from a standard one to a freestanding one, you’re going to bring a touch of class to your bathrooms overall look. They’re certainly a feature of luxury and they look like they’re substantially more expensive than they actually are. Despite costing more than a standard bathtub, freestanding tubs work wonders when it comes to making your bathroom seem less cluttered and giving the room an airier and larger feel.

Photo by Finesse Interior Design

Replace hardware

When it comes to replacing hardware to provide your bathroom with an elegant finish, this can certainly be done on a budget. Hardware to replace includes towel racks, mirrors, shower heads and lighting fixtures. So, in regard to lighting, think about bringing in a side lamp for your cabinet counters as even though the nicest bathroom setting is arguably natural lighting, a lamp is ideal for the evening, especially when you’re in the bathtub.

Update your old towel racks with a metal, chrome addition, as this will give your bathroom a contemporary feel as well as a glamourous appearance. Replace your door and cabinet handles with glass or metal ones to convey a cohesive look. Choosing the perfect bathroom mirror can be a bit more difficult as it’s very taste dependent, whether you want your bathroom to have a traditional, modern or vintage vibe, all of which can give your room a classy feel. There are many on the market today with beautifully designed frames, or even accompanied with LED lighting to choose from.

Freestanding round bath mixer by Meir Australia Pty

Freestanding round bath mixer by Meir Australia Pty

Paint walls and cabinets

Once you’ve decided upon what design you’d like your small bathroom to undertake, it’s time to see whether you’re walls and features fit into it.
If your cabinets are damaged then you could update them with budget models you can customise yourself. If you’re not looking to give your cabinets a paint job, you can always replace your doors and handles so you don’t have to use too much elbow grease!

Neutral colours are an elegant choice for your bathroom as these offer a clean and contemporary finish. Although don’t be afraid to go bold and get creative with your interior style! Painting your walls doesn’t have to be the answer, instead plastic wall cladding can be an alternative for you. These bathroom panels come in a variation of styles with many coming with a glossy finish.

Photo by Laura Hunt Design

Swap blackened grout and tiles

There’s nothing worse than a dirty bathroom! Even if you’re not shy on the bleach, blackened grout and tiles can still make your small bathroom look grubby and unloved. There’s no debating that tiles are a popular choice for both bathroom walls and floors. But they can be a nightmare to clean long term and re-grouting is a headache!

A great low-maintenance alternative is using shower panels, or even wet wall shower panels. This material is 100% waterproof, with mould not being able to grow on them. They can be placed directly over old surfaces, making them really simply to install yourself, and eliminating the prospect of any hard grafting.

There you have it! Four straightforward ideas to give your bathroom an enhanced look. If you’re not confident of doing these things yourself then perhaps it’s best to enlist the help of a professional.


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