Milk and sugar?

Milk and sugar?

I’ve been very poorly this week but my wonderful sister and nieces have been taking care of me and my little boy. Plenty of tea for the adults and we managed to have an early Halloween tea party!

This is the first time I’ve blogged from my phone via the WordPress App, but needs must when you’re cooped up in bed! With perfect timing, Darwin’s Home sent me their Newton milk jug/sugar jug to review. The pottery is made from natural earthenware and has been reduced from £46 to £23.IMG_0938.JPG
I was really intrigued by the description, and as someone who loves gadgets and clever home accessories I was looking forward to testing this milk jug/sugar bowl out.

The sugar bowl element of the porcelain jug pops into the top of the jug and pivots as you tilt to pour milk out. As with anything brand new, I cleaned the jug first before use. As I took the sugar bowl out and laid it on the kitchen worktop, I noticed that the bottom of the sugar bowl was flat and so it doesn’t roll away.

Pour the milk in, add some sugar and there you have it… the very clever and stylish milk jug-sugar bowl.


And here you can see the milk jug’s tilt mechanism in action:




Not just a practical and clever dining accessory, but it’s also very stylish and will look great on your kitchen or coffee table. The jug holds 180ml of milk an so you won’t need to keep refilling it when you have guests over for tea.



The Newton milk jug-sugar bowl is also perfect if you don’t have much storage space as you don’t have two separate items to hide away in the cupboard.


The kids loved their early Halloween tea party and they managed to save some cake for the Mums too!


Natalia x
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