Nursery storage ideas – hide away all those toys and clutter!

Nursery storage ideas – hide away all those toys and clutter!

Storage – we never have enough of it and we’re always looking for beautiful and functional storage solutions! And this is never more apparent than when you have children. Babies are like a magnet for ‘stuff’… all sorts of tiny, cute, adorable ‘stuff’. Only too often do we run about cramming ‘stuff’ into nursery drawers, cupboards and baskets in a sorry attempt to clear the floor for enough time to be able to hoover.

Many parent friends have asked me to put together a post for nursery storage ideas and solutions, so I hope you like these ideas. All of these products are from a fabulous company called Great Little Trading Co. who won children’s retailer of the year in 2013. They’re also currently running their Spring sale so order online quickly!
Nursery storage ideas Easy reach nursery storage unit (£199.75 from £235)
Sling bookcase with rainbow star canvas (£51 from £60)
Canvas nursery storage cubes (£13.60 from £17)
Rainbow playroom storage (£171.50 from £245)
Any Which Way Wall Shelf (£25)
Blackboard stacking nursery storage boxes (£21.60 from £27)

Prices are correct at time of writing, but please check individual links for any changes.


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