Rocknife – ceramic knives with style

Rocknife – ceramic knives with style

Rocknife I don’t often mention this on my blog, but I’m a big foodie! I love eating out and I love to cook too. I always cook from scratch and the closest thing you’ll find to a ready-meal in my home are fish fingers in the freezer – little K loves them! So when Rocknife got in touch with me about reviewing their ceramic knives – I was a little hesitant at first. After all I’m not a chef, so how can I blog about the finer technical aspects of such a precision instrument? But then I realised that you don’t have to be a professional cook to be serious about food. And you don’t have to be a professional cook to own professional kitchen tools. And so I opened up the package from Rocknife with glee!RocknifePresented beautifully in a gift box, Rocknife is the brainchild of five friends with a passion for finely sliced tomatoes. This is the 3-inch knife (paring knife?) and I didn’t expect the knife to come with a sheath – none of my steel knives did. But something as simple as having a sheath for your knife is so thoughtful – no accidental cuts as you rummage in your drawer! (but they send you some Rocknife plasters just in case…). It’s also ideal for packing if you’re going on a picnic or camping. It’s lightweight enough not to weigh down your food hamper and bright enough to find it easily!

The Rocknife is made from Zirconium Oxide (or ceramic to you and me). It’s sharper than steel but not as sharp as diamond – trust me you do not need a diamond knife. Ceramic kitchen knives are also more beneficial than steel knives as they don’t oxidise the food and leave it with that faint metallic taste. They don’t rust either and stay sharp for a very, very long time – in fact you’ll probably never have to sharpen your ceramic knife. I gave my new knife a quick clean and tested it out straight away on a lemon for my tea – you can see from my chopping boards just how much I do cook from scratch! The knife is the perfect size for slicing smaller fruit, herbs, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. The ceramic knife blade melted through the lemon as if it was butter!RocknifeRocknifeLater in the afternoon, I prepared a mushroom and bacon tagliatelle and the 3-inch knife was the perfect size to slice through the mushrooms and peel the garlic cloves. I like my mushrooms chunky and so didn’t try to slice them thinly this time. And when it came to slicing the bacon – I was actually quite disappointed that I didn’t have a larger Rocknife! It’s definitely on my wish-list as I’ve now been converted!

Luckily they also send me a 15% Rocknife discount code to share with you too – just use BSMAY15 during checkout : )

RocknifeThe ceramic knives have a really eye-catching and unique chequered pattern which just screams ‘don’t touch me, I’m sharp!’. There are four colour choices for the handle, but if you can’t decide between them – you can mix and match!

Natalia xo